You do not need to register to participate in the VIRTUAL Camp. However, if you want to purchase the Camp Patch, you may do so by CLICKING HERE: PURCHASE CAMP PATCH
How to watch the Virtual Camp:

Sabbath afternoon Booth Activity: Download documents here:

2020 Bible Quiz SAMPLE

Eager beaver, little lambs, curious cubs, baby birds: Noah’s Ark and Tower of Babel.
Adventurers: Noah’s Ark, Tower of Babel, Saul, Moses and David.

We are excited about our very first “Arizona Adventurer Family Virtual Camp”.  We trust that our Adventurers and their families will enjoy the weekend activities including music, worship, Bible Trivia, fun and messages from Rich Aguilera “The Mud Guy”. Here is some information that will help you plan and prepare for the camp. Feel free to get creative with your family so it can be a blessed and unforgettable experience for everyone! 


  1. Try to get as many of the supplies needed for the various activities. Make sure you have enough for each member of your family. Some of this materiales are: Paper plates, crayons or markers, scissors, glue, yarn or string, paper, bowl, water, paper clips, dish soap and black pepper.
  2. Prepare your Adventurer uniforms before Thursday since you will be spending most of Friday setting up your camp.
  3. See if you can connect your computer to your TV. It would give you a bigger picture for the whole family to enjoy instead of watching on the computer or smartphone screen. 
  4. Invite your family and friends to watch. Even if they are not part of the Adventurers. This is a great opportunity to witness and recruit kids for the Club. 
  5. Take out your camping gear, tent, etc and do an inventory to make sure you have everything you will need. 
  6. Pray – This is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to impress the heart and mind of our children. Pray that everything works, the computer, the WiFi, the technology, etc. Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of the children.
  7. TAKE PICTURES and upload them to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and use the hashtag #azcamp2020
  8. Download the KAHOOT application from the App Store. You will need this for the Bible Quiz on Saturday morning
  9. Gather your ingredients for the “What’s For Lunch” Meal on Saturday:


Ingredients and Supplies Needed:

Heavy duty foil, potatoes, veggies of choice, veggie meat, butter, and seasoning of choice. (enough of these items for your whole family)


Ingredients and Supplies Needed:

Heavy duty foil, banana, marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips.


Ingredients and Supplies Needed:

Heavy duty foil,1 disposable pie tin, ¼ cup of popcorn kernels, 1 tbsp. of oil, and seasoning of choice.


  1. Meet with your family and hand out assignments for setting up your “camp”. You can set up your tent(s) inside your house or in your yard. 
  2. Set up your camp before your supper time so you won’t be rushing at the last minute. 
  3. TAKE PICTURES and upload them to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and use the hashtag #azcamp2020
  4. Set up your computer, TV, smartphone, etc at 7:00 pm. You will see our countdown timer on the screen. We will begin our Camp program at 7:30 PM Pacific Time.
  5. Sing along and encourage everyone in the family to sing along and participate.


  1. Wear your class A Adventurer uniform.
  2. TAKE PICTURES and upload them to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and use the hashtag #azcamp2020
  3. Us the “free time” after lunch to rest and prepare your supplies for the afternoon activities.
  4. Plan some games for your family for Saturday night after the Livestream ends.
  5. Sabbath afternoon Booth Activity Download Documents here:


Friday – Viernes

3:00 Set up Camp in Home/Armar el campamento en casa

7:30 Vespers – Vespertina  Facebook/YouTube LIVE


Sabbath – Sábado

7:00 Family Worship – Culto Familiar,  On your own – Por familias

8:00  Breakfast – Desayuno, On your own – Por familias

9:30  Worship – Adoración Facebook/YouTube LIVE

10:30 Bible Quiz – Exámen Bíblico – Facebook/YouTube LIVE

12:30 What’s for lunch VIDEO: On your own – Por familias

2:45 Song Service – Servicio de Canto, Facebook/YouTube LIVE

3:00  Sabbath Booths – Puestos, Facebook/YouTube LIVE

5:30 Dinner – Cena,  On your own – Por familias

7:00 Closing Ceremony/Ceremonia de Clausura, Facebook/YouTube LIVE

8:00 Games – Juegos,  On your own – Por familias