The Pacific Union Conference is inviting kids to help us say thank you!

So many people are working hard to help keep us safe and connected during the coronavirus pandemic! Show your appreciation by drawing a picture of someone who has been a helper to you—and then submit it to the Hearts and Hands Online Art Show!

Who do you want to say thank you to with your drawing? A teacher? A police officer? Your doctor? Your Pathfinder leader? Your mom or dad?

We are inviting kids aged 13 or younger who live in the Pacific Union and are part of our Adventist community of churches and schools to celebrate the blessings we all receive from the professionals and volunteers who are helping during this extraordinary time.

“We know that our family of believers is being blessed in so many ways, by so many people,” said Pastor Ricardo Graham. “This is a way for some of the youngest among us to use their creative gifts to say thank you.”

Entries to the Hearts and Hands Online Art Show can be submitted through October 15, 2020. We encourage you to invite your children and grandchildren to honor those working hard to make a difference, from first responders to healthcare workers, transit workers, teachers, grocery store employees, volunteers, and pastors—along with anyone else they wish to celebrate.

The art will be published and shared the Pacific Union Recorder and on social media throughout the fall. To learn more, view early artwork submissions, or upload original art from your child or grandchild, visit: Questions about the Hearts and Hands Online Art Show? Please email