Connecting young people to God,
the church and the community

We are azsdayouth


AZSDAYouth Ministries seeks to support the churches in the Arizona Conference by providing resources, ideas and events that will empower and equip young people for effective ministry.


  1. Offer opportunities/activities outside of church to build and strengthen relationships among AZSDA youth
  2. Provide resources for AZSDAYouth to learn who they are, where are they going
  3. Foster a spirit of unity among churches in the Arizona Conference
  4. Give the youth of Arizona a Biblical view of worship as well as a meaningful worship experience
  5. Challenge church leadership to empower younger generations
  6. Improve communication among churches
SDA Church


Manny Cruz

Husband, Dad, pizza lover and
AZSDAYouth Director

Gabriela Corella

Administrative Assistant
Youth Ministries

Fred Daniels

AZSDAYouth Volunteer
Pathfinder Coordinator

Elda Diaz

AZSDAYouth Volunteer
Adventurer Coordinator