A list of Ideas & Resources for Children’s Ministry including Bible Studies, Videos, Magazines, Outreach, Music, Games and all kinds of stuff for your kids group, class, church or gathering.

Resources for Leaders

NORTH AMERICAN DIVISION CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES – The official website of the 7th-day Adventist Church in North America. Website offers information, resources and ideas for Children’s Ministry.

GENERAL CONFERENCE CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES – The official website of the General Conference of 7th-day Adventists Children’s Ministries Department. Website provides useful publications and media for teachers, leaders and children.

CERTIFICATION – The Arizona Conference Children’s Ministries Team works closely with the North American Division to provide and offer the various classes/workshops for certification. To schedule a training for your team/church please send us a message in the contact us page CLICK HERE

Sabbath School

GRACELINK SABBATH SCHOOL RESOURCES  – GraceLink is a 12-year curriculum comprising 624 lessons, all of which are firmly grounded in Scripture. Most lessons are story-based, some on scriptural references that teach a specific doctrine. Each story has been selected to develop one of the four dynamics of the GraceLink series: grace, worship, community, and service.

Bible Studies

GOD LOVES ME – Set of free downloadable PDF Bible Studies for Kids that covers the 28 Fundamental Beliefs. Produced by the General Conference of SDA

Vacation Bible School – VBS

CACTUSVILLE VBS 2017 – Produced by Adventsource and the North American Division Children’s Ministries Department. In this Vacation Bible School, Kids will experience a rip roarin’ good time while learning that they are CALLED by God. They are CALLED to be unconditionally loved and accepted, whoever they are. God’s CALLING includes a revelation of His unique purpose for each and every child. Each day your Buckaroos and Li’l Cowpokes will discover a special way in which God has CALLED them. They will learn how they can accept and live out this CALLING while enjoying Bible treasure-huntin’ Cactusville adventures!

MAKER FUN FACTORY – Produced by Group Publishing. Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors who discover they’re lovingly crafted by God. Spark creativity with interactive decoration and experiences. Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School transforms your church into a place buzzing with excitement!

Stewardship for Children

STEWARDSHIP JACK – Created by the North American Division Stewardship Department, this website offers FREE resources to teach children ages 3-7  honesty and generosity. It includes printable downloadable sheets and other resources.

CHILDREN’S TITHE ENVELOPES – Package of 100 tithe envelopes is $9.95

CHILDREN’S TITHE CALCULATOR – Brochure from Stewardship Jack that helps children calculate their tithe. Pack of 250 costs $14.95

Books and Magazines

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY MAGAZINE – Children’s Ministry Magazine is the MOST read magazine for children’s ministry. It’s packed with practical, authentic ministry ideas to help you become even better at what you do best—lead kids to Jesus. You’ll get sound advice and encouragement from today’s children’s ministry experts, plus hundreds of ideas that’ll have kids begging to come back! Available in print and in digital!

ADVENTIST BOOK CENTER – All types of books, manuals, music cd’s, Bibles, gifts, etc. If you are looking for a specific book or resource and you don’t find it on the website, you can call the Arizona ABC and ask for them to order the resource for you. (480) 991-8501


NAD CHILDMIN CRAFT CORNER – Neat collection of “How To” videos for several craft ideas. Produced by the NAD Children’s Ministries Department


GAMES FOR KIDS CHURCH – You’ve worked hard on your Kids Church lesson, but you still need to find one more fun activity to round out the hour. If you have served in children’s ministry for long, then you know that down time is the enemy. One great strategy is to always have additional learning activities or games.

Children’s Sabbath

NAD CHILDREN’S SABBATH MATERIALS – All the necessary materials you need to plan and hold a Children’s Sabbath in your church. It includes the promotional poster and postcards, the bulletin inserts and everything needed for this special day.